Запрошуємо вас на лекцію "'Alternative facts and the financial markets in 2017", яку проведе тренер Алекс Віртз з лондонської компанії Alpha Development.

Лекція відбудеться 22 травня о 12.00 год в кабінеті 408 (IV поверх) в будівлі Університету Фінансів та Управління у Варшаві, на вулиці Павя 55.

lternative facts and the financial markets in 2017

The terms 'fake news' and 'alternative facts' entered mainstream political discourse in 2016. Are they not also applicable to the financial markets? Does the continuing bull market in stocks make sense in terms of the underlying economy, likely outcomes for investors, or even common sense? In this lecture, we will explore the state of the markets and why, and how, they have reached their current, 'post-factual' state. 

Alex Wirtz

Alex’s background is in technology development for the financial markets. He is an experienced financial markets trainer who has delivered programmes across the world for leading financial institutions in both the buy and sell sides. He is also an experienced developer and has delivered digital courseware and over 400 financial markets simulations to 8,500+ learners.

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